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Organizational Development

Consulting services are always tied to solving a specific challenge.
As a rule, they aim to optimize existing processes and structures.
The consultant moves back and forth between unequivocal guidance and support for self-help.

Prior to any consulting project there is usually an initial face-to-face meeting to get to know each other. This is followed by a comprehensive contracting phase meeting between client and consultant.

At times, it may also be sensible or necessary for the consultant to go on-site to personally assess the situation at hand, where they might, for example, conduct stakeholder interviews and analyze the situation within the affected departments.

Corporate and Strategy Development

An external view can be essential for your greater business success. Our consulting services are based on many years of experience as well as knowledge of the great array of challenges organizations face today. We support you in the development of a professional leadership and coaching culture. As an executive, or as management team, you will gain the appropriate tools for your endeavors so you can successfully advance your organization. 

Current/Possible Issues

  • Joint systemic analysis and conversations about imminent strategic questions/challenges
  • Development of a problem-solving plan as the basis for efficient and implementable solutions
  • Joint development of a department or company vision
  • Initiation of a change process
  • Management consulting with an emphasis on sales success, marketing and sales strategy, organization and leadership
  • Personnel development and training or further development of employees and executives

Change Management

It is not change itself that is risky, but it is risky to continuously use yesterday’s practices and strategies.

Success Factors

Successful changes are characterized by the fact that

  • the employees‘ personal responsibilities are strengthened
  • the employees are aware of their scope of action during the change process
  • the employees are actively involved
  • development steps and „quick wins“ are communicated and celebrated
  • the management team systematically constructs and supports the change process

Successfully Shaping Change in Organizations

How can you promote willingness to change? What are some impactful tools to make change projects successful? How do you achieve a high level of commitment?

Change management needs: clarity, courage, creativity and the willingness to think outside the box. Changing means leaving familiar patterns and breaking new ground; questioning processes as well as behavior and procedures; discovering opportunities and acting on them.


Our Approach

Complex situations can arise quickly, especially in the area of change management. An unbiased view from the outside can help to find a solution.

We support companies during the introduction of new strategies, structures, systems, and processes. We develop, in close cooperation with the management team, a meaningful concept to ensure the change process is lastingly successful. Essential prerequisites we establish early for this are a powerful vision, clear-cut goals, tangible measures and a sophisticated communication concept. We prepare executives for their role in the change process, we train change agents, facilitate workshops, develop feedback and control instruments to safeguard the change.

We do not have the „cure-all”, but we have proven in many projects that lasting changes can be made with the appropriate concept in place.

Team Development

How does a group become a team? What needs to happen so it can develop into a high-performance team? How do you ensure cross-functional collaboration?

As (personnel) resources become increasingly scarce, you cannot rely on the fact that a highly complex process, such as team development, occurs on its own or at random. At the same time, team development efforts are the key to unlocking the full potential for joint success – or, alternatively, they can be the cause of failure. We have been facilitating team development workshops for many years, and we are acutely aware of the complexities in human interaction. Yet, we find that surprisingly few questions need to be clarified in order to achieve measurable or even extraordinary success as a team:

  • Does the executive actively and effectively engage in development efforts?
  • Are the right team members collaborating?
  • What specifically do we look to jointly achieve?
  • How do we want to interact with each other?
  • Who does what – and what not?
    How well are our processes regulated?

Our Approach

In cooperation with the executive and the team members we determine which of the questions above must be answered. We also jointly take stock: Which existing success factors should be maintained or strengthened? Where do we collectively see room for improvement? Where do we want to do development work? We bring the group together as a team using targeted facilitation and training methods. The newfound clarity and orientation immediately lead to a better working environment and climate. The result is a rapid increase in the performance of each individual and the entire team.