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Hollstein & Hammerstein

Performance in Leadership and Sales

We offer tailor-made training and coaching concepts with pertinent content and approaches, as well as measurable results which will help you achieve your goals.

Our notable expertise stretches across the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology as well as the health care sector.

We are a high-performance team of certified trainers and coaches. Our entire team possesses extensive experience in the above-mentioned markets and industries.

What makes us stand out, from the perspective of our customers? Sincerity, versatility, empathy, trust and measurable success.

Some of our references

Astellas Pharma, AstraZeneca, Bayer Vital, Berlin-Chemie Menarini, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Cannamedical Pharma, Careforce, Chiesi, Collins Aerospace, Deutsche Gesundheitssystemberatung, DJO Global, Debitel, Ernsting´s family, Gedeon Richter Pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, Hochtief, Intercept Pharma, Johnson&Johnson, Kelly Services, Lancaster, Lichtblick SE, Maui Jim, Mundipharma, Merz, Norddeutsches Herznetz, Novartis, NovoNordisk, Ormed, Pfizer, Rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit, RANOVA Praxen, Sanofi Aventis, Sanicare, Sanitätshaus Stolle, Sorbion, UCB Pharma, Takeda Pharma, TSR Recycling, Valeant

About us

Dr. med. Klaus Hollstein

Chief Executive Officer, Facilitator, Speaker, Trainer and Coach

19 years of leadership experience in medical sales, marketing, and human resources of medium-sized as well as global pharmaceutical companies. Freelance trainer, coach, facilitator and speaker since 2010.

Professionally, Klaus Hollstein utilizes his multifaceted and extensive experience in leadership, sales, and facilitation. He knows how to quickly build rapport and work the room, so your training or event participants get fully involved and engaged. In doing so, he manages to reach people individually and personally.

Among his customers are many institutions and organizations / corporations in the healthcare market, as well as many in related or other industries such as energy, fashion or technology.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Training for leadership & management
  • Communication and sales training
  • Team development processes
  • Business & executive coaching
  • Strategy consulting in sales, marketing, medical science & HR
  • Interactive keynote speeches
  • Facilitation of expert groups and events

Main Focus in Training and Coaching

  • Leadership management and implementation of leadership development programs
  • The manager as a development coach
  • From uncovered competencies to skillful and intentional leadership
  • Successful leadership during a change process
  • Potential and limitations of leadership agility
  • Implementing sustainable and impactful changes in sales
  • Facilitation of team development measures
  • Communication training for medical affairs

Education & Work Experience

  • Studies of medical science; PhD degree as medical doctor
  • Worked as ophthalmologist in Hamburg; move to pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical affairs manager
  • 1st line sale manager in pharmaceuticals; regional manager
  • Sales director, pharmaceuticals & supplements
  • Head of people development, training & business excellence
  • HR business partner
  • Head of sales performance coaches & trainer


  • 2007, systemic coach, Institut für Fort- und Weiterbildung (IFW), Munich, Germany
  • Certified Trainer, PaulySales GmbH
  • Certified as Trainer/Coach for „Leadership Agility 360“, Detego
About us

Christina Hammerstein

Chief Executive Officer, Organizational Developer, Trainer and Coach

Christina Hammerstein has been working as a trainer, coach and consultant for management and sales teams for more than 15 years.

With fresh ideas, innovative concepts and a high level of personal commitment, Christina Hammerstein manages to effectively support sales personnel and executives in an increasingly complex environment.

Her key success factor is an implementation concept which is individually tailored to her customers and their target group.

Her customers include both market leading national and international organizations.

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Main Areas of Activity & Core Competencies

  • (Key) account management
  • Organizational development, focus: change management
  • Communication and sales training
  • Leadership development training
  • Individual business coaching
  • Development and implementation of sales and marketing campaigns
  • Facilitation of meetings/conferences
  • Keynote speeches on key account management, change management

Main Focus in Training and Coaching

  • Leadership initiative – leadership styles, organizational climate, leadership agility
  • Actively shaping change – change management as a leadership task and challenge
  • Management and implementation of the training course „Key Account Manager in Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare“, certificate course in cooperation with the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Professional sales (with)in networked structures – project management, networking, successful negotiation/closing, communication, presentation and facilitation
  • B2B – appropriate use of digital tools for effective and sustainable sales talks
  • Establishment of an in-house sales academy
  • Demand and benefit-oriented sales training for field staff
  • Booklets on the topics of business coaching and key account management
  • Training and coaching priorities

Education & Work Experience

  • Degree in business administration
  • Trainee in human resources, controlling, marketing in various companies
  • Key account manager, trainer in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Head of marketing, management consulting, Point Consulting
  • Head of training and marketing, training institute PaulySales GmbH 


  • Leadership program, key account management, Business School St. Gallen
  • Certified DISC® trainer
  • Certified trainer and coach, Europoint Academy for Mental Competency in Business and Medicine
  • Change management coach, ADKAD University
  • Certified systemic coach, master certificate, Competence On Top
  • Training as business facilitator, Competence On Top
  • Leadership agility 360 degrees, Detego

Core Team

About us

Elke Strobl-Grässl

Trainer, Coach, Organizational Consultant

More than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and leadership at various international pharmaceutical companies. Freelance trainer, coach and organizational developer since 2009.

Hollstein & Hammerstein network partner since the very beginning.

Training and coaching sessions with Elke Strobl are infused with her positive, enthusiastic attitude.

She is able to get to the heart of complex matters in clear and practical manner.

Her training sessions, both for executives and sales staff, are lively, hands-on and characterized by her great dedication: a dedication that moves, inspires and motivates.

Due to her in-depth training, she is able to relate to each individual’s personal circumstance while never losing sight of their personal concerns and goals.

About us

Michaela Lückenotto

Business-Coach, Trainer and Mediator

Michaela embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and brings a strong background of over 10 years working at her family-owned healthcare-related business and more than 13 years of experience as a coach and trainer.

Impactful communication is a topic dear to her heart.

Her focus is on her clients’ individual development.

With her lively and participatory training style she shows her participants how to navigate any trend, obstacle, or roadblock to success they may face.

With charming persistence, Michaela Lückenotto supports companies in the healthcare industry as well as medical practices in realizing their goals.

About us

Hanns Landa

Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

Even after more than 20 years of freelance work as an experienced trainer, coach, facilitator and communication consultant, Hanns Landa has not stopped learning. New projects, personal encounters and conversations continuously provide him with new professional ideas and motivation which he ties into his impactful work.
By questioning personal beliefs and frames, he triggers reflection and drives his clients to step out of their comfort zone and into a learning zone in which emotional competence plays an important role, in addition to realization and training (= practicing!).
Hanns Landa’s focus is on companies in the healthcare market, IT and media as well as the areas of music and photography.
About us

Karsten Erdmann

Coach, Trainer, Mediator

Karsten Erdmann looks back on a successful career of 23 years at an internationally operating pharmaceutical company. This is where, over the course of many years, he gained a significant amount of experience as an executive in sales as well as in training and coaching of field staff. Additional managerial tasks in different functions and positions in the company have enabled him to broaden his perception of business decisions.
As a certified coach and mediator, his focus is on the whole person, with all their skills and development potential. His trainings are characterized by professionalism, appreciation and respect. Participants appreciate that the trainings follow a clear goal and are designed to be entertaining and multifaceted.
About us

Stefanie Fehr-Hoberg

Coach und Trainer for Communication and Leadership, Facilitator

Stefanie Fehr-Hoberg studied communication science, marketing and psychology. During her studies, she simultaneously worked at Siemens and started her own business as a trainer for communication, taking on projects for various companies.
Her training, coaching and facilitations are characterized by meticulous preparation and highly targeted programs – leading to participants who are engaged, receptive to the content, and willing to apply what they’ve learned. Her driving force is participant empowerment!
About us

Christiane Hollstein-Theisen

Trainer and Coach

Christiane Hollstein held a long-standing managerial marketing position in an international organization in the United States. Freelance trainer and coach since 2013.
Her clients appreciate her intuitive radar of working out what it means to be them, in their particular role, navigating increasingly complex systems successfully.
She coaches professionals to move past their challenges. She furthers and trains teams to strengthen collaborative practices, to master a change process, or to improve the execution of a strategic agenda.
Relentlessly results-oriented, her training programs focus on delivering useable tools and accessible strategies that participants of all levels can implement immediately.

Customer Testimonials

„We have been working with Christina Hammerstein, Klaus Hollstein and Hanns Landa for two years. The goal of our collaboration was initially to develop a qualification strategy for our outside sales representatives, followed by classic sales and key account management trainings as well as conceptual and content-related support of our sales force conferences. Hollstein, Hammerstein and Landa demonstrate extraordinary professional expertise, a very considerate approach and, above all, plenty of enthusiasm and passion for „selling“. It’s always fun to work with these pros!“

Tobias Quadt, National Sales Director Oncology, Bayer

„Right from the start I felt comfortable working with Hollstein & Hammerstein. I appreciated that Dr. Hollstein spent a full day at at our company prior to designing the project strategy. He was well prepared and was able to respond to contingencies in a flexible and highly skilled manner. In addition to Dr. Hollstein’s professional facilitation I was also impressed by his empathy and his abilities. Later, I was surprised by the interest in the continuous effect of this workshop series.“

Meike Rahm, Managing Director, rahm Zentrum für Gesundheit

„As a partner to leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, our goal is to provide our employees with the best possible qualifications. For this reason, several years ago, we joined forces with Christina Hammerstein and the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce to offer a training program titled „Key Account Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Chamber of Commerce“. The training program continues to run successfully every year. The training is characterized by its strong practical relevance, as our employees are able to implement the methods directly in their day-to-day-work. We are able to notice significant positive developments in a short time. We also work with Hollstein & Hammerstein on additional project-related training concepts in management and sales, as well as on a development and support program for our new hires. In regard to our collaboration, we particularly value their high level of professionalism and expertise, as well as the opportunity to develop individual, sustainable concepts that are tailored to our specific needs.“

Katja Klötzer, Head of Project Management & Recruitment Careforce GmbH

„We have worked very successfully with Ms. Hammerstein and Dr. Hollstein on various training projects. They enjoy a very high level of acceptance and trust in the team. They are valued as highly capable trainers who act in a motivating, constructive and customer-oriented manner. I, too, greatly appreciate the collaboration with them and look forward to future projects with them.“

Michael Staschewski, Lead Specialty Medicine, Pharmaceuticals Ophthalmology, Bayer Vital GmbH

„We have been working with Ms. Hammerstein and Dr. Hollstein for more than 6 years now. Jointly, we have developed and implemented innovative concepts to increase performance. During this time, corporate requirements have consistently been taken into account and managed responsively and professionally. I look forward to future positive, valuable collaborations.“

Dagmar Schorn, Business Unit Leader Gynecology, GEDEON RICHTER PHARMA GmbH

„We have been working with Dr. med. Klaus Hollstein for over 1,5 years. With his knowledge and his winning attitude, he invigorated our outside sales staff that has been “tired of training”. Klaus Hollstein provided them with tools that, even after many years of sales, opened up new perspectives and offered them a fresh approach that can be used effectively in everyday life.
Initially, the goal of our collaboration was classic sales training, but also to support and develop the team in a rapidly changing market. We can already observe a lasting effect and a significant knowledge transfer of the training content. This confirms that we have chosen the right path, and we plan to continue to follow this path going forward. Dear Mr. Hollstein, it is always fun to work with you. Thank you very much!“

Dr. Henning Keller, National Sales Manager Haemostasis, Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH & Nicola Schlüter, Marketing Manager Haemostasis, Novo Nordisk Pharma GmbH

„For many years, Dr. Hollstein and Ms. Hammerstein have been offering Gedeon Richter their expert services to continuously train the gynecological sales force with regard to their selling skills. In addition to group training as well as individual coaching paired with accompanied visits, they actively supported us in developing a coaching tool for the entire sales department. The successful introduction of the iFolder at Gedeon Richter was also successfully supported. All hired trainers / coaches have gained great acceptance from the Gedeon Richter field staff. This has been possible, among other things, because of their high degree of empathy and their great knowledge of the business.“

Gerald Peschel, Sales Director, GEDEON RICHTER PHARMA GmbH

„My key account manager training has changed my view of day-to-day work as well as my view of my customers and of my territory. The central elements of the training, which have shaped my daily work ever since, are structured and detailed planning, a goal-oriented approach, and effective project management.“

Rafael Danner, Key Account Manager

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