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Corporate and Management Culture

Confronted with ever-changing framework requirements and an ever-increasingly speed of change, you need leaders who can meet a given challenge and truly make a difference. You need a team of leaders who

  • project leadership ability and presence
  • systematically build solid relationships and strong teams
  • are consistently able to implement changes
  • achieve or exceed goals

In order to be able to lead successfully, you need a capable and perceptive personality paired with substantial professional expertise.

Executives are on the fastest pathway to inspire action when they bring everyone together in pursuit of common goals, when they act enthusiastic, when they take a position, and when they exhibit openness and confidence. We have successfully carried out many trainings and coaching processes with managers at all levels supporting them on their journey.


Hollstein & Hammerstein stand for leadership training and development measures that significantly improve the day-to-day work of executives.

Our motto is „ingenuity through simplicity“: unlocking potential, generating momentum and providing training, which is particularly vital in complex times and complex contexts. No getting lost in dull theories.


Frequent Topics

  • top-down leadership initiatives and programs
  • junior manager and talent development programs
  • leadership styles – and their impact on the organizational climate
  • effective communication as a manager
  • change management
  • conducting employee development and conflict-resolution meetings successfully
  • presentation & facilitation skills
  • leadership agility: training, 360-degree feedback, coaching

Our Approach

The backbone of our training consists of some initial theoretical input, followed by plenty of hands-on exercises, utilizing personal, real-life management situations. The goal is for the executive to achieve a higher level of efficiency. In order to achieve this, we jointly examine how the newly acquired skills can actually be put to use at work.

We bring our many years of personal experience as executives in organizations and corporations to the table. We also use the most impactful tools and findings from the areas of leadership communication, leadership agility, leadership styles and their influence on the working environment. As well as persuasive presentation and facilitation skills.

Coaching for Executives

„Guiding people from where they are to where they want to be.”


Our coaches have undergone an extensive and recognized coaching training and have been working successfully on a multitude of projects for several years.

The concepts we apply derive predominantly from the area of systemic coaching.

Additionally, we offer our clients the option to do coaching sessions via Skype or telephone. This can be a time- and cost-efficient way of reinforcing a successful implementation, particularly in ongoing coaching processes.

As coaches, we create a confidential and supportive environment that is conducive for working on individual issues and challenges. Each successful coaching process is based on a mandate given by the coachee as well as the coachee’s goal to activate a self-learning process and to strengthen their problem-solving expertise.


Our Coaching Philosophy

  • Solutions are developed by the coaches themselves and not by the coach
  • We create a conducive environment that lends itself to personal development
  • We accentuate knowledge transfer

Coaching Topics:

  • Deal with leadership challenges
  • Det and achieve goals
  • Develop and align a corporate vision/strategy
  • Dlarify values and make decisions
    solve conflicts and problems


A keynote speech should be interactive, informative and entertaining! If you are looking for fresh leadership ideas, new motivation, or a nudge in the right direction, you’ve come to the right place.

With our keynotes, we actively share our many years of experience as sales experts, trainers and consultants in a lively and hands-on manner with the participants of your event. At the same time, we deliver compelling, modern content that keeps the audience engaged, triggers reflection and inspires action.

You find our most popular keynote-topics here:


Leadership Agility – New Ways for New Potential

This is for you, if you have been asking yourself how you can successfully tackle today’s accelerating changes and growing complexities. How to self-transform “from an expert to an agile leader” – without stumbling. Finally, some fresh ideas for you and your team on how to master the challenges of the future.

Coaching Successfully – Exceptional Employee Development At The Heart of Leadership

The goal of coaching by an executive is: Mutual success! Further, to continuously improve employees’ effectiveness, to achieve results, and to exceed goals. As an executive, which roles do I need to embody to do so? What exactly does „coaching“ mean in this context? Where are the opportunities – where are the limits? Let yourself get inspired and invigorated!