In sales today,

the margin for error is razor thin.

Those who receive

individual support can achieve a lot.

It’s time to show up differently

in front of customers. Customers buy from winners!

Sales Success

Changes in how customers make purchase decisions have driven permanent shifts in how sales teams need to interact with customers and prospects. Today, customers are much better informed about products. Often, needs have changed. Business models are becoming more complex. General requirements are changing. Traditional sales strategies no longer suffice in asserting yourself in a strong market environment. So, get to know us, and learn how we help drive your sales team’s performance to their next levels of excellence.

Stand Out from The Crowd!

What it really takes are employees who are strong communicators, who effectively manage their responsibilities, who develop strong customer relationships, and who lead negotiations with important customers to a successful close. We train your sales team to outperform the competition when the buyer has heard it all and is looking for substance.

Requirements change – let’s take advantage of brand new opportunities!


We have been working with sales employees for more than 15 years. We have woven our extensive knowledge of the sales environment into each training and have been able to achieve measurable success in this area. We provide your sales staff with valuable, actionable tools in our trainings and coach them how to become lastingly successful in their work.

Frequent Topics

  • Basic sales training
  • Effectively communicating sales strategies and campaigns to customers
  • Strong customer development
  • Increased agility in sales
  • Selling professionally in and within networking structures
  • Successful from day 1 – the perfect product launch
  • On the road to market leadership
  • Support, promotion and development programs for new hires
  • Account management
  • Training sales teams before and after audits

Our Approach

We create training concepts, specifically tailored to your needs. We bring learning to where your employees are, with engaging formats and the most relevant content that can immediately be applied and implemented. Our expertise lies in communicating challenging contexts and complex content in a compelling and motivating manner. And, our methods ensure that our training programs engage and challenge, as well as enhance the skills and motivation of your sales team.

A professional debriefing and a final report are components we provide upon project completion. Depending on your needs, the content can be provided as a handout, in PDF format or as an iBook.

In order to increase the knowledge transfer, we often combine sales training with individual coaching. After the completion of a training or coaching process, we also offer the option for knowledge sharing via skype.

Key Account Management

What kind of strategies are invaluable to consistently develop stakeholders, networks, partners and strategic alliances? How are key account development plans recognized as active, strategic tools? How does cross-functional collaboration work? Where do we see potential for optimization in key account management?

Capitalize on Our Experience

We have been training and coaching key-account-managers in medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and in the healthcare industry for many years.

Our Approach

In collaboration with the management team, we develop a key account management concept, tailored to the current requirements and objectives of your organization and your customer groups.

Our Core Competencies

Trends, chances, developments, success factors of key account management

Portfolio and SWOT analysis. Buying center. Decision phases. Organizational structure. Strategies and processes. Key account analysis and management planning.

How to successfully initiate and manage key account projects with/in networked structures

Working strategically. Planning, driving, managing, tracking of policies and projects. Managing employees on project teams. Networking and cooperating cross-functionally with internal and external players.

Targeted communication and negotiation techniques

Motives for action. Negotiation styles and types. Professionally preparing, conducting and following up on negotiations.
Negotiation strategies –
Defining, agreeing on and tracking goals with customers.

Key Account Manager
Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Professional certificate program in cooperation with the Cologne Chamber of Commerce

Sales 4.0 – Compelling Sales Activities in Dynamic Markets


Coaching Sales Staff

„Guiding people from where they are to where they aspire to be”

For many years, we have been coaching sales employees with a proven track record of success. Frequently, we are booked as coaches when it comes to supporting complex change processes, reflecting on behavior, changing behavior patterns, clarifying goals, activating resources, and developing solutions for individual challenges. We attach particular importance to a save and confidential space, in which coach and coachee can work on defined goals in a systematic manner.
All our team members are thoroughly trained and qualified coaches. They possess comprehensive know-how in an array of methodologies, and they have worked successfully on a multitude of projects over the years. Our predominantly applied approaches derive largely from systemic concepts.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to conduct coaching sessions via skype or telephone. Particularly in an ongoing coaching process, this can be a time- and cost-efficient way of ensuring implementation success.

Keynote Speeches

A keynote should be interactive, informative and entertaining! If you need new motivation or sales related food for thought, you have come to the right place.

With our keynotes, we share our many years of sales experience in a lively and tangible manner with the event participants. Simultaneously, we deliver compelling, modern, thought-provoking content.

Our most popular keynote topics can be found here:


Selling Agility – Increase your sales success through actual customer focus

How can a seller wow a prospect so profoundly that they truly enjoy purchasing? What are the key elements needed here, besides technical expertise? We will answer these and other questions in an interactive speech with many forward-looking, fresh ideas. We will go beyond the well-known and slightly overused success factors like „open questions“ or „active listening“ etc. „Selling agility“ includes actual answers!

Thriving Sales in a Dynamic Environment

In order to be permanently successful in a dynamic environment, people require three key skills in addition to classic soft skills: enthusiasm, creativity and a high level of initiative.

These skills are innate to everyone, and people tend to use them in varying degrees, consciously or unconsciously. Injecting fresh momentum, scientific knowledge and numerous examples of success, we look to inspire and empower people to use these invaluable skills, specifically for their own professional success.